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Studio Kane prides itself on cultivating a unique and vibrant company culture that values flexibility, collaboration, and creativity. As a remote studio, we prioritize in providing our team with the stress-reducing freedom of working from any location without neglecting our fostered sense of camaraderie.

We encourage open dialogue, idea sharing, and proactive contribution among all employees, irrespective of their roles. This nurtures a progressive environment where every voice is valued and all executives, department leads, and team members are celebrated for their various efforts. We believe in maintaining a healthy balance between professionalism and personal connection, recognizing that our employees are creative individuals with unique perspectives that serve to improve our company's mission and its ongoing projects.


At Studio Kane, you'll discover a supportive and inclusive workplace where creativity thrives, ideas are embraced, and every team member has the opportunity to excel. Join us and become part of a dynamic team that's reshaping the future of animation, one frame at a time.

Don't be shy!
We want you to apply

Please browse the open positions we currently have available (listed below) and apply to the job that best fits your skillset and career goals. If you do not meet all the qualifications to "perfection", we still encourage you to submit an application. Studio Kane is proud to offer internships for those looking to further learn, adapt, and grow in their field, but simply lack the industry experience to initially secure the position of their dreams.


We look forward to seeing how your passion and talent may potentially line up with our needs.

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