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OUTLIER  —  Lucian Lacer, Prince of Cassius


Studio Kane is eager to debut its series' animated teasers and trailers during our 2024 marketing campaign. We encourage the public to frequently visit our social media handles and official website to stay up-to-date with production news & media.

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2024 Debut Trailer

Studio Kane is proud to reveal our series' debut trailer.

At the heart of OUTLIER lies a profound exploration of the pain we inflict on those around us when we fail to find healing in ourselves. Our story dives deeply into themes of loss and trauma - encouraging introspection and imparting valuable lessons on young adults and mature audiences alike.


It is a thrilling action-packed adventure that, we believe, to be highly enjoyable, easily digestible, and doesn't insult the intelligence of its viewers



New OUTLIER promotional media will release Q3 2024 during our 30-day marketing campaign.


Follow our social media (Twitter/X & Instagram) as we showcase never-before-seen promotional content leading up to our grand appearance at AnimeNYC, where we will drop the OUTLIER Season 1 story trailer and announce the release date of its graphic novel counterpart.

We encourage you, our future fans, to help us ensure the success of this thought-provoking series by showing your continued support. Spread the word of our passion and stay tuned for future updates!



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